RonyaSoft Poster Designer (Poster Forge) 2.01.43

RonyaSoft (Shareware)

RonyaSoft Poster Designer is a multimedia program used for designing posters. It can be used to create customized posters by starting from scratch or use one of the pre-defined templates that come with the software. Working with a project enables users to perform different actions on a poster project including inserting objects, editing, printing and more. These actions are available on the Main Menu found in the program’s main window.

A poster project includes different types of objects such as Text, Image, FreeHand, Clipart, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Line and Eclipse. Users can insert these objects on a blank document or on a predefined template. Object properties can be changed or adjusted as well. The program offers the Properties Editor that will show the object properties related to the chosen object. Selecting multiple objects at once is possible also. However, the Properties Editor will only display the shared properties of the selected objects.

Aside from inserting objects to a poster project, RonyaSoft Poster Designer is also capable of performing other object-related tasks. Inserted objects can be grouped, re-ordered, transformed, aligned, moved, resized or rotated. There are also available design tools to perform manual placing of objects. These design aid tools include rulers, snap grip and cursor coordinates. The program also features a “What You See Is What You Get” program interface. This allows users to view the outcome while still creating or editing a project. Once a project is completed, users may choose to export the document to JPG image.