RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker

RonyaSoft (Shareware)

RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker is used for creating and printing labels and covers for CDs and DVDs. The program comes with several pre-made templates that the user can choose from. After selecting a template, users can just add the titles, images, and descriptions for the content of the CD or DVD. Other items that can be added to the template are photos and shapes. The created labels can be printed out after all the elements have been added. The program automatically prints out the labels according to the available standard dimensions of CD and DVD cases.

For irregular dimensions of discs and cases, the program has a custom size template wizard that will guide users through the process of printing the labels. The wizard ensures that the user prints out the correct size for the case. The templates that come with the application are for origami CD cases, round CDs and DVDs, front and back inserts for CD and DVD cases, standard slim cases, and Blu-ray disc inserts and covers.

Here are more features of the RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker:
• Comes with a clipart image library
• Custom size template generator
• Easy to use object editor
• Comes with skins for customization
• Support for all popular disc printers