Rome: Total War

The Creative Assembly Ltd (Shareware)

Rome: Total War or RTW is a strategy game that was initially released in 2004. The game is set in 270 BC - 14 AD, during the Roman Republic up to the Roman Empire. The player assumes the role of one of the heads of the Roman houses (Scipii, Julii, and Brutii). Players must develop infrastructures, armies, and the population of the area. The main goal of the game is to be the emperor and take control of 50 provinces. This can be done by training armies, conquering cities, and balancing the needs of the city’s citizens.

When an enemy army is challenged in a battle, a 3D tactical game begins. There are different units that can be used in battle including, infantry units, artillery units, archers, and cavalry units. These units have unique styles. While in battle, players must make sure that the units have high morale in order to beat the opponent.

Rome: Total War allows users to experience battles based on historical scenarios. In these battles, the player assumes the role of the leader of the losing army. Some of the historical battles included in the game are the Siege of Sparta, Battle of the River Trebia, Battle of Asculum, The Siege of Gergovia, and many more.