Rome: Total War: Alexander

The Creative Assembly Ltd (Proprietary)

Rome: Total War – Alexander is an official expansion pack for the Rome: Total War video game. It was released in 2006 in North America. This expansion takes place in earlier time with the player assuming the role of the main character – Alexander the Great. The story starts with Alexander ascending the throne in Macedona. This scenario takes place for about 100 turns. The game follows similar structure and gameplay of the main game – Rome: Total War. However, it features lesser factions, a different map and different units. The goal of the player is to get control over 30 provinces (i.e. Babylon, Tyre, Halicarnassus, etc…) within 100 turns.

The game features eight factions divided into four categories. The Barbarian category features the Illyria, Scythia and Dahae factions. The Eastern category features the India and Persia factions and the Rebel category features the Rebels factions. The last faction – Macedon – is the only playable force in the game’s campaign mode. Like previous Total War games, Alexander also features historical battles. Historical battles enables player to control Alexander into achieving his real-life accomplishments. There are six historical battles in the game. The first battle is the Battle of Chaeronea. After completing this battle, the other battles are unlocked chronologically as the player continuously completes each of the battles.