Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

KOEI Co., Ltd (Shareware)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is a turn-based strategy game developed by the company KOEI Co. The game’s plot takes place in the latter part of Ancient China’s Han Dynasty, which inspired the various depictions of intricate Chinese artwork all throughout the game, as well as Chinese politics. It is based from historical events that involved plans of unifying China almost two thousand years ago. In the game, the player takes on the role of a general who in charge of turning a small kingdom into on that takes the whole of China. Meeting this objective requires lots of time and strategy in managing the kingdom’s resources. This can be tricky as increasing one resource could cause another important resource to decrease. The goal is to find Order in the city as this also determines the amount of revenue that the kingdom can generate.

Players must develop the land in order to produce ample supply of food and money for the people of the city. Building armies is only possible if the kingdom has flourishing businesses and farms. The player must also assign certain tasks to various officers based on their respective strengths and weaknesses. While the main game takes a relatively long time to play, it also offers two mini-games for players to try out. One mini-game features a duel, in which the player controls one of the officers. In Debate, two characters compete in terms of Intelligence scores.