Romance of Rome 1.0.24

AWEM Studio (Shareware)

Romance of Rome is a seek-and-search game that is set in the Roman Empire. Players course through various obstacles to find missing treasures for the King in return for the hand of his daughter. Imperial relics have been taken from the castle and in order to find them, the player must use his wit and strategy to locate each one. As the different levels are traversed, it is possible to lose some of the discovered relics and this is what the player should avoid. This is a single-player game that can be downloaded for offline use or played on the Internet.

The player engages in various challenges to recover the lost imperial relics from the Roman Empire. The player takes the role of the hero Marcus. There are different levels set in various historical locations including the Roman Coliseum, Forum, and Thermae. The items that need to be recovered are well-hidden in these locations. In addition to finding items, there are also enemies that have to be defeated. This adds to the variety of gameplay. Special tools and weapons will be available to the player during these events.

Each level ends when the player finds all onscreen items items shown at the bottom portion of the computer screen. The inventory on the right portion of the screen may be used with some found items.