Rollcage Stage II

Attention To Detail (Proprietary)

Rollcage Stage II is a racing video game created by the company, Attention to Detail. It was repackaged by publisher Take-Two Interactive for PC under the name, “Death Track Racing”. Apart from racing against opponents, players can pick up weapons during the races and upgrade their vehicles with them. Because the cars’ wheels are much bigger than their bodies, they can be flipped over and still be driven afterwards. This means that players can drive their cars on unconventional surfaces like ceilings and walls. Compared to its predecessor Rollcage, this game offer longer tracks, more car and weapon varieties, and loads of hidden secrets. Furthermore, this sequel features faster auto centering, increased turn responsiveness, and lowered tire grip.

There are more than 60 tracks in this game, all of which are lengthier and more diverse than the first Rollcage. The tracks contain dangerous terrain objects, shortcuts, and alternate paths. The game offers 12 modes in the single-player section, five of which are available to the player at the beginning of the game. In the arcade setting, the player engages in a timed race against several opponents. The season mode comes with 20 tracks, four leagues, and two unlockable campaigns. The player initially gets three car options, although finishing in first place can unlock as many 60 varieties.