Attention To Detail (Proprietary)

Rollcage is a racing video game that was first released in 1999. It is different from other racing games as the cars of players are able to drive on the ceilings and walls due to the very fast speed at which the car is traveling. In a race, the player competes against five other drivers. There are six characters available – Lenny, Leon, Tony, Jet, Ria, and Lothar. After completing the game in easy mode, the hard game mode is unlocked along with a seventh character. The seventh character, policeman Yuri, can be controlled by the player once the hard game mode has been completed. Rollcage feature four game modes namely multiplayer, arcade, league, and time attack.

The game consists of four game worlds – Outworld, Neoto City, Sapphire Springs, and Harpoon Islands. Each of them has four tracks, featuring a total of 20 different race tracks. The four game worlds offer different settings, such as a tropical island, a mining site, a Japanese-inspired track, and a snowy environment. During the race, players get to use weapons to throw off other racers. The player gets to have two weapon slots and there are eight types of weapons available. Power-ups also play a big part in helping the player win the race.