Roll 'm Up

Dommelsch (Freeware)

Roll m’ Up is a virtual pinball game that uses many of the mechanics of the actual machine. It only has one table for playing, but there is a variety of ways to scoring points. Gameplay is based on the traditional game, but with several features such as bonus items or areas that must be hit to score extra points. Similar to other pinball-based games, players must gather as many points as possible before running out of balls. However, in Roll m’ Up, reaching the highest possible score requires the completion of different progressively difficult missions.

Missions that need to be completed include:

• Bouncing a pinball on trampoline
• Playing piano keys
• Juggling three balls  simultaneously for a certain duration
• Getting rid all targets within a designated amount of time
• Hitting beer cans
• Shooting pinballs into holes

Roll m’ Up Pinball comes with several features. It has three flippers to control the game – a couple on both sides and one at the top. Players can shake the table to save the ball from getting into the gutter. There is also a plunger for launching the ball. Other features include a selection of unique targets, trampolines, beer cans, and many more.