Rogue States

Simon & Schuster (Proprietary)

Real War: Rogue States is a computer video game released in 2002 as part of the Real War series. This game is set in the Middle East, where the United States confronts soldiers from the International Liberation Army, or ILA. The US thought that the ILA has been wiped out; however, an enemy country—a rogue state—funded the ILA’s revival. In this game, the rogue state has equipped the ILA with new weapons and technology, all designed to remove US presence in the Middle East.

In Real War: Rogue States, the player can either play as the United States or as the ILA. Most of the two factions' weapons and structures are the same as the others in the Real War series. However, each faction has access to its own unique structures, units, and weaponry. New units are also available. Some of these are the medic, the amphibious transport, and the flying drone. The medic can heal allied units; the amphibious transport can transport the units from one place to another over a body of water; and the flying drone can scout far territories.

Real War: Rogue States has two playable modes: campaign and multiplayer. There is an additional skirmish mode where the player can play against an AI-controlled team on an exhibition match.