Rogers Self Help Home Networking Wizard

Rogers Cable Communications Inc (Freeware)

Rogers Self Help Home Networking Wizard, also known as RSH Home Networking Wizard, is a program that consists of tools and utilities that help improve a computer system. It also helps in making the network work properly. It checks and fixes OS files, creates a system restore point, and repairs any system damage caused by viruses, worms, or spyware. This tool is also able to renew the Internet addresses or IPs of users.

It is an application that also provides a smooth, fast running connectivity of the Internet. This system utility tool has the ability to offer troubleshooting guide and information to fix any connection problems. It is able to clear the Internet browsing history, delete temporary Web files, and reset the default homepage of the user’s Internet browser.

Another feature of Rogers Self Help Home Networking Wizard is that it checks and fixes email account problems. It has email password recovery tool, and Outlook Express account creation tool. Users can recover password of their Rogers email accounts, and create an email address using Outlook Express.

Other features of Rogers Self Help Home Networking Wizard:
• Automatic system, Internet, and email account health check during PC start-up (only when set by the users)
• System performance checkup through numerous performance meters
• Live chat support