Rogers Online Protection

Rogers (Proprietary)

Rogers Online Protection is a security program developed by Rogers. Its primary purpose is to provide users with security protection for computers and personal data. The program is available in two editions – Basic and Premium. All the features available in the Basic edition is also found in the Premium edition with added features such as identity protection, local and online backups, PC optimizer, fraud protection, and wireless network security.

Rogers Online Protection offers five main functions:

• Core Protection – The program works as an anti-spyware, anti-virus, and firewall. These functions offer users with real-time protection against known threats. It can support up to five computers and offers automatic updates.
• Secured Online Browsing – Rogers Online Protection also works as an Internet protection tool, which is capable of blocking phishing websites. It can also monitor WiFi connections and notifies users whenever they are using an insecure connection.
• Identity Protection – This security tool also provides users protection against dangerous keyloggers and rootkits, which could steal personal information from the computer.
• Data Security – The program can also protect various data in the computer. It is also capable of backing up files.
• PC Optimization – The program features the PC Optimizer service, which helps enhance the performance of the computer.