Rodent's Revenge

Christopher Lee Fraley (Proprietary)

Rodent’s Revenge is a puzzle video game released in 1991 where the player takes on the role of a mouse.  The main objective of the game is to trap cats found in the game using available blocks while also avoiding obstacles. When cats are trapped, they turn into cheese, which the mouse can eat for extra points. There are around 50 levels, but players can choose to start on any level. They are given three (3) lives before the game ends. The best scores for the past 24 hours are displayed on the high score table.

Rodent’s Revenge features a simple interface. The menu bar has functions contained in Game, Options, and Help. The main interface contains the mouse, blocks, and cats. At the top is a clock that ticks away until it reaches a blue line. At that point, more cats are released in the game which makes it more difficult and rewarding for the mouse. Once the new cats have been released, the blue line changes its position and the clock continues ticking. There are several obstacles in the game. There are sinkholes that temporarily trap the mouse, mousetraps that kill the mouse when the mouse walks on them, and Flying Balls of Yarn that kill the mouse when they come into contact. The players get high points by trapping cats in the least amount of time, and also eating pieces of cheese in which trapped cats turn into.