Rockey4 (Freeware)

Rockey 4 is a hardware-based security dongle application. It is a software protection system that connects to a USB port or the parallel of a computer. The program works like a mini computer with a memory, specialized firmware, and CPU allowing it to interact with other applications. When interacting with a program, it can be duplicated. However, the program will only run if the Rockey4 dongle is connected to the computer. Because the program works like a mini-computer, users can also write algorithms and store it to the dongle. Rockey4 comes in three editions – Rockey4 Standard, Rockey4 Plus, and NetRockey4.

Rockey4 includes several components including the following:

• Rockey4 Envelope Program – This is the program’s encryption engine that enables users to encrypt and safeguard executable files using predefined security criteria.
• Rockey4 Editor – This component is used for performing dongle configuration, batch production, and testing. It also allows editing and learning Rockey4 dongles’ usable memory.
• Rockey4 API set – Rockey4 includes API set, which can be used for creating software protection systems.
• Rockey4 Data Recorder – This component allows users to maintain, track, and record dongle configuration settings. It serves as the program’s management solution.
• Rockey4 Remote Update – This component is used for creating secure patch files in order to update the Rockey4 dongle remotely.