RocketDock 1.3.3

Punk Labs (Freeware)

RocketDock is a Windows-based program launcher developed by Punk Labs’ Skunkie, Poly Vector and Zachary Denton. It is distributed by Punk Labs and is available as an open-source application under the Creative Commons License. This program offers a dock that resembles the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Mac OS X called Aqua. A dock is a bar used in accessing and organizing different shortcut icons.

The RocketDock program can minimize Windows-running applications to the dock. This will bring the minimized applications to the dock. In Windows Vista, real-time previews about the icons are available. The program also has running application indicators. It also supports drag-and-drop, which can be used in removing/adding shortcut icons to the program. The program also has support for ICO/PNG icons, ObjectDock Docklet and multi-monitor.

The RocketDock application can be used in managing shortcut icons. Adding of shortcut icons can be done using two methods. Items can be added using the drag-and-drop feature. Adding of items can also be done through the program’s Add Item menu. The Add Item menu offers different item types to choose from (e.g. File, Blank Icon, Path, Recycle Bin, Separator, Dock Settings, and Quit). The program can also be used in managing docklets. Docklets are mini-programs that perform Windows-related tasks. Removing of items from the dock can be done the same way as adding them.

The RocketDock program can be customized. The application can organize/rearrange the items using the drag-and-drop feature. Changing the image icons used in each shortcut is also possible with this program. This can be done through the program’s Icon Settings menu.