Rocket Dock.v.1.3.6

Punk Labs (Freeware)

Rocket Dock.v.1.3.6 is a Mac-style application launcher for Windows XP, 2000, and Vista. This application provides users with quick access to their commonly-used programs and folders. The launcher comes in the form of a quick-launch navigation bar and may be positioned on any of the four edges of the screen. Users can select from more than 30 skins for their launcher; the fonts and colors may also be customized as preferred. It can be set on autohide, always present, always on top, or always at the bottom of all other programs. Users can also change the ordering of the icons on the navigation bar, as well as change these with other icon files in both PNG and ICO format. The animation speed may also be adjusted.

Rocket Dock.v.1.3.6 also enables users to add icons, skins, and widgets downloaded from the application’s website for complete user customization. In addition, it is compatible with skins for Mac launchers, including those from MobyDock, ObjectDock, and Y’z Dock. Users can simply right-click on the dock to access the secondary settings menu in order to add the extra features. To add shortcuts to the dock, users can drag and drop files into it or add files using the context menu.

This application minimizes windows to the dock and may also be configured to run on multi-monitor systems.