Rock Tour (1024x768)

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Rock Tour is a time management game in which players assume the role of a rock band manager. As such, players have to take charge of local bands and make them popular so they can rise to the top of the charts. Players make improvements on the band members, upgrade their instruments, get them a band van, promote their music, stage shows and gigs, and face greedy club owners. By making it big in the music industry, players will also earn more money and ultimately become a Rock Tour tycoon.

Players can unlock other bands and drop the ones that are not making the cut. There are five different bands to manage in the game; players have to unlock three. At the beginning, the players’ chosen band will start small. They will play gigs in small venues with only a number of audiences until they gain popularity and fans. Eventually they can play in bigger venues. To do so, players must be able to juggle the booking for shows, selecting the songs the band will perform, investing in advertising or promotions, and setting the ticket price, among other management tasks.

Players also have to make sure that the band members are skilled and in good spirits. They can make the band rehearse songs, practice their instruments, and improve their image.