ROCCAT GmbH (Shareware)

ROCCAT Talk is a keyboard-mouse unity software released in 2007. This software allows pairing of compatible devices together. This software driver pairs ROCCAT devices such as the gaming mouse of Kone XTD with the gaming keyboard of Isku FX.

ROCCAT Talk enables hardware specific settings hotkeys possible to be edited and used on opposite devices. The Isku FX gaming keyboard may be assigned for triggering specific mouse commands, and vice versa. The software allows translation of on-screen game action into different sensory gaming effects on the mouse and keyboard. The software’s user interface is simple and has a sci-fi feel. Users can assign buttons, edit main control and advanced control, and edit colors using color control. Users can also synchronize the multicolor headlights in the mouse and keyboard.

Other features of the software include the following:

• Talk FX is the embedded backlight driver extension that comes with the software. This feature allows on-screen actions to be expressed in different LED lights and effects. The extension of the software reacts to in-game events depending on user preference.
• Full customization of controls and effects allows players and users full-control of their game and programs.
• ROCCAT Talk allows users to create their own profile. Users can access their different control settings depending on the software or game they are going to use.