ROBOTC Integrated Development Environment

Robomatter Inc. (Proprietary)

ROBOTC Integrated Development Environment is a development program released by Robomatter on September 2013. It is an integrated development environment for students studying robotics. The program is compatible with Arduino, RCX, VEX, and LEGO NXT robots. These robots use the C programming language. The program enables users to port one code between two or more robotics platform with minimum code change.

ROBOTC Integrated Development Environment utilizes text-based commands and programming languages including NXT. The program likewise supports graphical programming languages like NXT-G. The program also offers a debugging feature for a complete development platform. It can facilitate the development of various programs, from simple ones to more advanced and complicated programs. However, the program needs a custom firmware to run on a computer.  

ROBOTC Integrated Development Environment runs with NXT making it capable of being utilized for the FIRST Tech Challenge through the Tetrix Robotics Kit. The program also works with PIC and CORTEX microcontroller. The program likewise supports Robot Virtual Worlds for programming virtual robots. Robot Virtual Worlds is a simulation developing environment. It enables users to learn how to program robots virtually without programming actual physical robots.  

ROBOTC Integrated Development Environment offers a classic grey window interface. The interface is divided into three—the Code Editor, the Code Templates or Function Library, and the Main menu or toolbar.