Robokill Trainer

rocksolidarcade (Freeware)

Robokill Trainer is a computer game that involves aggressive robot forces which the player must conquer in order to become the victor. The main objective of the player of the game is to capture Titan Prime which is a Space Station. The player has to move the mech and shoot robots in order to reclaim the station.

In Robokill Trainer the player can collect cash and players of the game can spend cash on the shop. The money won may also be used to purchase upgrades to help the player attain the final objective. In order to accomplish the mission, players must be absolutely focused so that they can match the aggressiveness of the opposing robot forces.

While playing the game, the player can use this guide for the basic game controls. The arrows keys or WASD are the used to move while the keys E and M stand for map. Meanwhile the keys I and Q stand for inventory. Using either letter will display the particular function assigned to it (i.e. map, inventory). The mouse is the implement used to aim and fire.

Robokill Trainer is an exciting game that those who are new to computer gaming can enjoy. It has a straightforward game play and the instructions for playing are easy to follow.