Siber Systems (Shareware)

Roboform is an online form filling and password management application created by Siber Systems that was initially released in 1999. The program automates filling of forms and entering of passwords. It is available for multiple web browsers and mobile devices. The application was formerly called AI RoboForm. The program protects user data using iAES 56 encryption and other security options.

The Roboform application automatically saves and enters usernames and passwords. It also features RoboForm Identities tool, which can be used to store names, addresses, credit cards information, emails, and other personal information securely. The program also features RoboForm Profiles. Multiple users can use a single computer while the program separately stores each of the user’s RoboForm data.

The program can be accessed from various platforms. It also has a RoboForm Everwhere Online Services. This service can be used to synchronize and backup logins and identities with the Robohorm servers. This application also stores and syncs contact information and bookmarks between computers and other devices.

The Roboform program uses a Single Master Password allowing users to login to different websites using one password only. The application also features Password Manager. This tool can be used in generating passwords for different websites. Password Manager Tool is also available in portable version. The program also offers mobile and USB support, which provides access to the program from other devices.