Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood

Spellbound Studios GmbH (Proprietary)

Robin Hood – The Legend of Sherwood is a video game that was released in 2002. It is a stealth-action game that has real-time strategy elements. A player can control up to five characters in the game. Set in the world of Robin Hood’s lore, Robin Hood and his men must stop the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John from upsetting the English throne. The game employs a lot of stealth tactics, favoring it over direct action when dealing with enemies.

There are three types of missions in Robin Hood – The Legend of Sherwood – Robbery and Infiltration, Ambush, and Castle Attack. There are more than 30 missions. These missions range from rescuing well-loved Robin Hood characters such as Friar Tuck, to avoiding tax collectors of the sheriff. Players can visit castle in a number of ways. There is a weather system and a day-and-night scheme. These systems often affect visibility and ultimately, the way the player must deal with the missions at hand. The player’s characters, while their resources are limited, can kill or wound enemies. There are instances where townspeople will help with the mission. The townspeople are either those who flee or those who alert enemies. Beggars, when helped by the characters, may provide hint and tips.