RoadPilot Sync

RoadPilot Ltd. (Freeware)

RoadPilot Sync is a component of the RoadPilot Software Suite of drivers for RoadPilot devices, such as micro RoadPilot, RoadPilot microGo, and RoadPilot Pro. This particular tool functions to enable the device’s camera database to be updated online. The application sits on the system tray; a sync window will appear when the program is launched. RoadPilot is an application that provides users with speed readings to let them know how fast they are moving; information about road cameras so drivers will be informed when to take extra precaution on the road; and access to a hotline in case of emergency or road mishap.

RoadPilot Sync requires users to register their RoadPilot device. When registration is finished, the sync application will establish contact with the server to begin downloading updates. Users will be able to see the current actions done buy the program in a download progress bar. Once finished, the application will inform the user of the completion of the download. This application requires connection to the Internet in order to download database updates. The sync program automatically starts when users connect their RoadPilot device to their computers. Users can also start the synchronization program manually by double-clicking the program icon (represented by the letter R) in the system tray.