Road Rash 3

Electronic Arts (Proprietary)

Road Rash 3 is a 16-bit motorcycle race game developed and published by the company, Electronic Arts. It is the third installment of the Road Rash series and features a simulation of high-speed and illegal motorcycle races. Much like its predecessors, the player of this game takes on the role of one of the participants of the race. The main goal is to finish ahead of the pack in order to earn money points. At the beginning, the player must finish in at least 3rd or 4th place to advance to the next level. The races become more difficult as the player progresses in the game – opponents become tougher and more dangerous obstacles appear to try to keep the player from reaching the finish line ahead of the other characters.

The player has the option to turn the background music on or off. The amount of money that a player wins depends on his/her place in the race. Being eligible to join higher-level races provides the player with a possibility to win more money. Cash prizes can be used by players to upgrade their bikes with new parts and necessary repairs. Police officers can make arrests and players can also use the money to pay the fines.