Road Construction Simulator

Rondomedia (Proprietary)

Road Construction Simulator is a simulation game in which players are tasked to create roads using different kinds of construction equipment. Players are given various road construction tasks, such as creating wide motorways. In order to accomplish these tasks, players must also do minor but important jobs, such as laying out traffic cones and excavating dirt to clear out an area for a motorway. Some roads need to be drilled before a new one can be placed over them; for this, players can make use of the pneumatic drill.

Aside from the pneumatic drill, players can also make use of a steamroller, an asphalt planer, and a marking machine, among other road construction equipment. These machines are necessary in making sure that the roads made meet the standards. Road smoothness and quality are important in making sure that those driving over the roads are kept safe from potholes and uneven surfaces that may cause accidents.

Players start the game with simple tasks, such as transferring supplies. As players gain more skills and mastery of the game, the succeeding missions increase in difficulty by giving the players more challenging tasks. Among the road construction-related missions are repairing potholes, making country roads, and road widening. The game makes use of realistic sound effects and 3D graphics. Road Construction Simulator is played in the first-person or third-person perspective.