Radio Muzyka Fakty sp. z o.o. (Freeware)

RMFon is an application that allows users to stream content from around eighty radio stations and channels through the internet platform. Available music can be categorized into three groups: those that are operating in Poland like RMF FM and RMF Classic, those that have specific themes and are copyrighted like RMF Flamenco, RMF Francais, and RMF Grunge, and those that are available only during particular seasons like RMF Christmas Carols. Song varieties include electronic music, classical, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, dance, smooth jazz, pop, and others.

RMFon has a sleek and intuitive user interface with the following categories: recommended fm, rock, pop, alternative, club, timeless, and club music. Selecting a recommended category will display not only the list of recommended radio stations designed with a play button, but will also show the artist and song title of the recommended music as well. Once the user has selected a particular radio station, the interface will change and will display the current song that is playing, together with the artist and album cover. Below it will be the list of the other music files saved on that station in order. The topmost portion has a scroll bar for the rewind and fast forward functionalities, as well as the stop button.