Liant Software Corporation (Proprietary)

RM/COBOL was developed and initially released by the Liant Software Corporation, which is now owned by the Microfocus Group. It is an information management program that helps business owners and corporations manage COBOL-encrypted files under one active system or network.

COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages and is popularly used for business solutions. It stands for Common Business Oriented Language. It has been used for various business, administrative, and finance systems. RM/COBOL works by supporting traditional COBOL data, but it also allows its users the flexibility and processing power of modern computer systems in the process of data access, transfer, and management. This particular program offers its users access to a number of integrated tools that will make it easier to manage or maintain one set of source codes. Various applications using this particular programming language are deployed across a number of operating platforms.

Program users can rely on existing RM/COBOL applications if preferred. With this, users can create a stable management network for various COBOL applications. This way, management can be more efficient since it relies on a single source when it comes to developing new applications or improving existing ones. Users also have the option to upgrade to a more efficient system by utilizing this program with a more modern COBOL system.