Arkadiusz Kołacz (Freeware)

RivChat is intended as a freeware for desktop users who need a utility to facilitate network connection. When there is a local area network setup, this program can be used for calls. RivChat is a Polish program that is compatible with X Window System and Win 32. RivChat is capable of many functions, including file transfers, transmission of encrypted files, and it can also be used in creating automatically executed scripts.

RivChat can be implemented in sending notifications and allows for communications via several channels at the same time. Users can talk with others in the network through the main channel. Private chats are also allowed. RivChat is written in the following programming languages: Delphi/Kylix, C++, C, and Ada. The system command is modeled on IRC. This program has two modes of availability. The setup for RivChat is also easy to establish and can be used immediately as soon as this process is successfully completed.

RivChat users can customize the appearance based on their preference. The modifiable parameters include the buttons interface, colors, and backgrounds. The user can also define keyboard shortcuts and define their own aliases and commands. With one click of the mouse RivChat rapid transitions are enabled and if the user is away from the computer the program automatically switches.