Rising Antivirus 2011

Beijing Rising Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shareware)

Rising Antivirus 2011 is a security application that protects computers from Trojans, worms, rootkits, viruses, and other unwanted programs. The program has advanced system protection, which is capable of scanning emails and files for viruses. It automatically detects and deletes these to protect the system. Detection and deletion is also done for USB devices that are connected to the computer. Apart from these, Rising Antivirus 2011 also provides web browser protection. It reinforces the Rising System Kernel into the computer’s web browser to make sure that viruses, backdoor applications, and worms are eliminated from the system in real-time when harmful websites are visited, or when links are clicked.

Rising Antivirus 2011’s defense system has seven components – File Monitor, Mail Monitor, USB Disk Protection, Trojan Defense, Browser Protection, Office Software Protection, and System Kernel Reinforcement. Users can control the settings for these components on the program’s main window. Advanced computer users can also customize system kernel reinforcement by using a template or a custom method. Rising Antivirus 2011 features the Rising Cloud Security 3.0, which runs excellent data collection, analysis, and security. The program also runs on the patented Unknown Virus Scan & Clean Technology, as well as the patented Smart Update Technology.