Piranha Bytes (Shareware)

Risen 2: Dark Waters is an action role-playing game that was first released in 2012. It is the sequel to the fantasy game Risen. The game is set in the Caribbean and players take the role of the lead character. The game is played in third-person perspective. The physical attributes of the main character cannot be changed. However, users have the freedom to choose the character’s clothing and skills. There are five main characteristics that can be improved. These are: blades, firearms, toughness, voodoo, and cunning. These attributes can be improved when the character gains glory, which can be received by completing missions and killing adversaries.

There are different places to explore in the game including jungles, villages, outposts, and different islands. Players encounter different monsters throughout the game; some of them are more difficult to defeat than others. Some of the monsters in the game are:

• Sand Devils – These creatures can be seen in sandy areas. Sand devils are small, but they attack in groups.
• Leviathan – The leviathan is a sea monster that resides in the caves beneath cliffs.
• Ghoul – Ghouls are monsters that guard the ancient ruins. They are stealthy creatures that sneak up on their victims.
• Ant Warrior – The ant warrior can be found near beaches. They spit acid and use their claws to attack victims.
• Firebird – These monsters are difficult to defeat because of their fast reflexes. They attack creatures that are smaller than they are.