RipIt4Me Application

Videohelp (Freeware)

RipIt4Me Application is a DVD ripping program developed by Videohelp and released on June 2008. This application enables users to rip or backup DVD media, whether or not they are protected or encrypted. It can handle any encryption method used on any DVD media type.

The RipIt4Me Application features two ripping tools—the DVD Decrypter and the FixVTS tool. The DVD Decrypter is the main ripping engine that handles DVD decryption resulting to a ripped VOB file. The FixVTS tool will then come into play. It cleans up the VOB file by removing bad cells, fix the pointers, and remove fake titlesets. After this, the RipIt4Me Application prompts the user to set at what point the DVD menu should start. By default, the program will choose the first valid menu. Finally, the RipIt4Me Application will use yet another tool, DVD Shrink, to enable users to access the ripped VOB files.

The RipIt4Me Application graphical user interface features a simple grey window with a menu bar at the top and two buttons below it. The menu bar enumerates Logs/Settings, Downloads, Tools, and Help. The two buttons at the top corresponds to Wizard mode and 1-Click Mode. 1-Click mode performs a complete DVD rip with just one click. The RipIt4Me Application Wizard Mode affords the user some control over the DVD ripping process.