Elephant Games (Shareware)

RIP3: The Last Hero is a shooting game developed by Elephant Games. This futuristic video game can be downloaded for free. Players are presented with a pot-down view as they fight against Earth invaders. The game play of RIP3 is rather straightforward. The mission is to kill all enemies and there is no leveling up in the game unless all the robots and spider-like creatures have been neutralized. The game is set in the mid-22nd century where an unknown invader used a combination of witchcraft and advanced technology to conquer the Earth. Soldiers must do what they can to topple this dictator.

Players of RIP3 who move a lot and keep shooting have better chances of getting advanced weaponry. They also get extra life in the game. Players of RIP3: The Last Hero take part in hi-speed confrontation.
They are also given the chance to create and build their own character and they can arm the character with weapons that can help them achieve the objective.

In RIP3: The Last Hero, shooting is done using the mouse while the other controls are on the computer keyboard. This video game features superb sound effects and visual graphics. The soundtrack has also received praised from many members of the gaming community.