RIP Vinyl 4.05

Wieser Software Ltd (Shareware)

RIP Vinyl is an audio processing software program designed for preserving a user’s LP (Long-Playing album) collection and creating podcasts. Users can transfer their LPs to CDs or MP3 players. In this way, one can listen to the songs repeatedly with damaging the vinyl records. This program is also applicable to cassette tapes.

The software program was initially developed to protect spoken words of tapes that kids use in school. This saves users the expense of getting a new copy once they wear out. RIP Vinyl features several options for ripping music or sound from the vinyl record. Users can control the level sampling and the amount of time that should take between each track.

In addition, it can record any sound source on the PC by simply plugging the record player to the amplifier on the PC and choosing the desired input. The program automatically “listens” to the album and groups it into several WAV files. After that, the WAV files can be used for a number of purposes. These purposes include resampling making backup CD copies, or remastering sounds using other processing programs. The latest version enables users to compress audio formats while recording.

RIP Vinyl can also be used for creating podcasts. The user can create podcasts by recording with complex mixing equipment or a basic microphone setup.