RealNetworks (Shareware)

Rinse is an application that can organize the user's music files in iTunes. The program is specifically designed to repair the user's iTunes library. It first helps by removing duplicate songs in iTunes. It has a smart algorithm to detect which songs are similar. This means that even when the duplicate song does not have a track name or just labeled "Track 01", it can still be found and removed. The program also helps in modifying song information such as titles, artist names, and albums. To do this, there are options to edit the song one by one, or edit multiple songs in just one go.

Rinse helps in filling various song information that is not in the music file. For example, it immediately fills blank parts in a music file, such as a missing song name or album. It can also add album art. To do this, the software pulls data from the Internet. The album art that is pulled is in high resolution most of the time. When 2 or more album art are found, it can notify the user to select which one to use. Playlists can also be created. Song genre can be organized so that the songs can be displayed accordingly.