Rigs of Rods (Freeware)

Rigs of Rods, also known as RoR, is a vehicle multi-simulation game program written by Pierre-Michel Ricordel. It is mainly a truck simulator but it can also simulate different types of vehicles including airplanes, boats, cranes, bridges and more. Its gameplay is emergent and it occurs in a virtual 9km2 sandbox environment. All the vehicles simulated in RoR are based on two elements – beams and nodes. Using these two elements, almost unlimited types of vehicles and contraptions can be made. This simulation game also features Flexbodies that enables players to create mesh-based vehicles, which creates realistic vehicles with dynamic deformation.

RoR offers various activities for players. Off-road explorations are possible where players can drive around in an open environment. Players can test their driving skills by driving on challenging roads on an on-road exploration. It is also possible to test the speed of the vehicle by racing against the clock. If the vehicles have been damaged, the program offers repair service for performing rescuing and repairing tasks. Pulling dolly and semi trailers is also possible. Players can experiment with different realistic self-loading systems for handling cargo.

Aside from using trucks and trailers, RoR can also be used for performing different driving skills using other types of vehicles. It can be used for lifting and transporting objects using fixed and mobile cranes. An art flight model is also available for flying airplanes. The game can also perform air cargo for transporting vehicles via air. Users can also customize different elements of the game such as Vehicles, Terrains, Vegetation, Mesh Terrains, Objects, Loads and Texture Editing. RoR also has a multiplayer mode.