RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.2.5

RightMark (Freeware)

RightMark Audio Analyzer is a program that tests the audio of devices on the system. The application is an alternative to professional audio testing applications that can be expensive. It is capable of testing different sound paths, such as an instrument connected to the computer, the system’s sound card, a music player, and others.

The application works by monitoring the sound signals from the device connected to the computer. It has a simple interface, but it will only be useful for those who have advanced knowledge in analyzing audio. Starting the testing phase can be done by clicking on the ‘Start test’ button on the main interface. Users can also adjust the audio levels. Advanced computer users can make changes to the spectrum analysis options, too. After the testing, users can view the outcome of the test on the test results window. Users can view the name of the device, its frequency response, the noise level, dynamic range, distortion and noise, and other useful information.

Here are the other features of the RightMark Audio Analyzer application:
• Capable of testing different audio aspects in just one test
• Accurate test results
• Wide range of test signals
• Makes use of frequency analysis algorithms