Right Click Image Converter

Kristanix Software (Shareware)

Right Click Image Converter, also called Image Badger, is an image converter and photo enhancer. The program can be used to convert images to different file formats with just two mouse clicks. When the program is installed in the computer, it is integrated in the system so users can just right click an image and the menu for the Right Click Image Converter application is readily available. The menu allows users to convert images to JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, ICO, TIF, or copy the image to the clipboard. Users can choose from over 20 image file formats when converting. Formats that are often used can be added to the right click menu.

Right Click Image Converter has a batch process feature. This is useful for converting thousands of photos to a different file format. The program also has some basic editing tools for photos including crop, resize, and change the contrast. The software comes with image filters, too. Some of the filters are mosaic, old photo, grayscale, emboss, old newspaper, and lots more. Adding filters can be done in just a few clicks, too.

Here are other features of the Right Click Image Converter:
• Preview photo before converting or adding a filter
• Extract frames from an animated image
• Customize image format options
• Customize the right click menu
• Load image lists