RiDoc 4.3

Riman company (Shareware)

RiDoc is a scanner software developed by Riman Company. Designed for home and business use, this program easily works together with a scanner to ensure effective scanning procedure. The program works by scanning documents to digital file formats the easy way. It also significantly decreases the output scan’s file size without affecting the general image quality. This program is something anyone can use on a daily basis.

It scans files from images to documents and merges them into a single file using the Assembly button. Large files will fit into A4 size to ensure files will be available in no time. Batch scanning is also supported for faster scanning procedure, which saves the user's time. Scanned files can be saved in various file formats. Photos and images can be saved into .jpg, .png and .bmp, which are recognizable in any computer using a regular photo viewer or simple photo-related software like Paint. Documents can be converted or saved into Word or PDF format.

The program also supports virtual printing into image files. Document files can be saved or printed into PDF file format and other picture files like .tiff, .png or .bmp. RiDoc also offers simple operation through button, ensuring scanning will be easier compared to using regular scanning software. Users can also create a gallery for scanned files and have them ready for viewing or easy access whenever they need the files.