Stephan Plath (Proprietary)

RidNacs is a file viewer software developed by Stephen Plath. The program enables users to analyze and view the contents of their hard drive. Supported hard drives include internal hard drives, external hard drives, and even network drives. The program enables users to scan and check the percentage of the hard disk storage space occupied by specific folders. This function allows users to see an overview of the contents of the hard disk, a utility not offered by the default Windows explorer.

The RidNacs graphical user interface features a gray classic window with two panels. The first panel shows a tree view directory of the contents of the hard disk. Each folder can be further expanded to show contents as well as folders within it. The right panel features a horizontal bar graph displaying a graphical representation of the percentage of the space occupied by any specific folder. Users can customize the bar graph using the Preferences dialog box. Users can choose the Percentage Bar style through the built-in Skins. Users can also customize the program’s language. The list of files displays the percentage rate, as well as the number of files contained within the folder.

RidNacs groups files according to their file size or according to the type. File size can be configured to be as small as 1mb. Files smaller than 1mb will be grouped in just one folder.