Ricochet Xtreme

Reflexive Entertainment (Proprietary)

Ricochete Xtreme is the first installment on the Breakout clones Ricochet series released by Reflexive Entertainment. Ricochet is synonymous to rebound and behaves like that of a projectile.  In a ricochet game, there is continuous addition of a wall of blocks that the player must hit with the ball. The player also needs to get the rebound on the ball in order to not lose a turn. The game requires a certain level of focus and agility to ensure that the player hits the wall, receives the ball when it comes back, and avoids other floating elements which could kill him or her, or could give power-up abilities.

Ricochete Extreme is played via different themes which include an underwater theme, space theme, tech theme, and infinity theme. The bricks which are what the player hits are animated blocks that can explode. Some cannot be destroyed and some have special power-up functions that the player has to receive as it floats down to the bottom of the screen. The game interface is dependent on the chosen theme but always displays the rounds, time, score, and speed.  The bricks are arranged differently and are labeled at the start. Some labels include unzipped, quick balls, beat slow movers, and more.