Ricochet Lost Worlds

Reflexive Entertainment (Shareware)

Ricochet Lost Worlds is the second installment in the Ricochet game series. It was first released in April 2004. It has the same gameplay as with the previous installment wherein the player must break all the bricks in all levels and achieve the highest score. Players still control the ship used for directing the ball’s movement. The game features four difficulty levels. The game also features an additional goal. This is to collect all rings in every level. If successful, the player achieves the Ring Master achievement.

Players can earn points through various ways including collecting powerups, destroying bricks, and destroying bombs. At the beginning of the game, the player is given three Ion Spheres (balls). These serve as the player’s “life”. When the player runs out of Ion Sphere, the player loses the game. Player can also get additional Ion Spheres from the bricks. Like previous installments, the game features different types of powerups and bricks. Again, the powerups can either hinder or improve the player’s strategy.

The game features 160 levels, which are grouped into 10 rounds. Completing 10 rounds allows the player to reach the checkpoint. Every time the player loses a ball, he starts again at the beginning of that particular set of 10. For example, if the player loses in Round 29, he starts at Round 21 all over again.