Reflexive Entertainment (Proprietary)

Ricochet Xtreme, or simple Ricochet, is a video game developed by Reflexive Entertainment. It is the first installment in the Ricochet series and was first released in November 2001. The gameplay is based on the Arkanoid and Breakout video games, wherein the player must destroy all the bricks in a certain level using the ball. The player controls a ship in order to control the ball’s movement. The player’s main goal is to achieve the highest score.

There are different ways to get points. One is to destroy the bricks. Destroying bricks gives players various points. The second way to earn points is by getting powerups. The other two ways is by destroying a bomb and completing a level. The game also offers a menu to check different game statistics. It can be checked to review a player’s total score and other information about a player.

The powerups available in the game can be either detrimental or helpful to a player. For instance, the 3-ball Split powerup split your balls into three, which can either help the player destroy the bricks faster or can hinder a player’s strategy. Powerups can be obtained by destroying the bricks and catching the powerup. The game also features different types of bricks including Moving bricks, Powerup bricks, 3-hit bricks, Obstacle bricks and more. Bricks vary in the way they can be destroyed.