Ricochet Infinity

Reflexive Entertainment (Shareware)

Ricochet Infinity is an online arcade game developed by Reflexive Entertainment. It is the fourth installment in the series of Ricochet video games and is a clone of the game, Breakout; however, Ricochet Infinity features more brick variations and power-ups. The object of this game is to take a ball and bounce it around a controlled area in order to break all the bricks on the screen. Using a shield, the player hits an ion sphere to break all the blocks in each level. The player needs to keep an ion sphere on the screen to avoid losing a life. Otherwise, the player would have to restart the level from the beginning once all of his lives are consumed.

Ricochet Infinity features levels that are divided into ‘planets’. The player has to accomplish the levels in each planet in order to unlock succeeding planets. Each planet is made up of two episodes, the first of which is Ricochet Infinity and the second one, Episode 2: Delta Quadrant. User-created levels can also be downloaded by players, which can also be shared online with other players. The power-ups in this game also come with shield extenders, shrink rays, electro-magnetic pulse beams, and rotating ball lasers among others. In addition, there are rocket-activated blocks that are only vulnerable to an acid power-up.