Image Space Incorporated (Proprietary)

rFactor is a computer-racing simulator developed by Image Space Inc. and was released in 2005. This program is used to run any type of four-wheeled vehicle design of any era. This program was designed for both commercial and military purposes and features technical advances in tire modeling, complex vehicle aerodynamics, 4-link rear suspension support, engine boost modeling, head physics, cockpit vibrations, detailed bump modeling, and 15 degrees of freedom physics engine allowing users to experience a very accurate simulation of vehicle racing.

rFactor has two gaming modes: an offline single player racing session and an online multiplayer game. The game’s interface has features that allow players to control the mechanical setup of their cars, chat with other players, and enter the racing arena in their respective vehicles. The player’s vehicle can be operated in different viewpoints: the cockpit view, which is the view from the driver’s eyes or helmet, and the swingman view, which is the view above and behind the vehicle. rFactor allows users to control their vehicle using a steering wheel attachment, a joystick, or even the keyboard. The keyboard can be used for several actions such as requesting pit service and adjusting brake bias.

rFactor features two vehicle classes: “Open Wheel Challenge” vehicles and Sedan cars. Open wheel Challenge vehicles include 100 Horsepower training vehicles like Formula 3 and Formula 1 racing cars. Sedan cars include compact and sporty BMW-like vehicles as well as US-made muscle cars. In addition, rFactor features five racing facilities and 10 race track layouts such as Oval Lake, Mills Park and Toban Raceway, Joesville Runabout, and Sardian Heights. This game has racetracks that depict various setting like dirt, freeway, training, and city race tracks.