Vinyl Software (Freeware)

RevoluTV is an Internet TV streaming program developed by Vinyl Software. It supports broadcasted television right from the Internet using the same computer used for other tasks. This application lets users view hundreds of TV channels online. Viewers can watch a long range of channels broadcasting the weather, news, sports, religion, music and a lot more. The platform will stream the program whether the channels are broadcasted overseas or locally. With this application, additional hardware like a TV tuner is not required. All channels are broadcasted through the Internet, so users only need a stable Internet connection in order to operate the streaming platform. Every channel will work properly so users can enjoy the programs any time.

The user interface is designed with a simple and organized platform. Channels are noted according to categories like program types and countries. They are listed as categories to make navigation easier. Ticking the button will collapse the list and viewers can simply choose among the available programs to start watching. Navigation is also simple, which guarantees easy program viewing. RevoluTV developer offers high-end support. Users can visit the online forum for any problems in using the platform or other guides that improve viewing experience. The developer has also set up a contact form for users experiencing bugs during the course of running the software.