Reversi is a classic board game where the goal is to make the user have more of his colored tokens than that of his opponents. The game has two colored tokens (often black and white). The player will place his (black) token on the board in such a way that it will bound a line of white tokens by 2 black tokens on each end. The white token will then turn to black. The opponent must do the same to change the opposing player’s token color. The player that has the most number of tokens at the end of the game wins.

Reversi (also called Othello) may often start with an empty board. It can also start with each player’s token occupying two central squares on the board. It has a simple user interface that mimics that of the classic board game. The board is 8x8 with 64 squares. Each player also has 64 tokens. They each take their turn in putting their own colored piece in the board. Bounding the opponent‘s colored token can be done in various ways (vertically, diagonally, or horizontally). While the biggest goal is to occupy all the squares in the board with just color, the player has to have the most number of tokens the moment all the squares have been filled with tokens.