Revenge of the Titans HIB

Puppy Games (Proprietary)

Revenge of the Titans HIB is the version of the Revenge of the Titans game release during the Humble Indie Bundle 2. In the Humble Indie Bundle, developers organized a bundle sale of their games to be released at a low price or in a “pay what you want” scheme. Revenge of the Titans was released during the 2nd Humble Indie Bundle along with the games Braid and Machinarium. A radical even that happened is that in this Bundle, the developer for this game, Puppy Games, also released the source code for Revenge of the Titans.

Revenge of the Titans is a tower defense game where players have to construct ground defenses against enemies. There are 50 campaigns in the game. The settings of these campaigns range from various areas in the solar system. Among them are Earth and the other planets. There are 29 buildings that can be researched. “Endless” is a unique game mode wherein the player’s only mission is to beat his high score.

Other features of the game are the following:

• 40 technologies to be researched
• Survival Game Mode
• Online functions (post high scores online)
• Ground defenses include barricades, blasters, shield generators, cannons, and explosives
• Buildings (refineries and reactors)
• The moon Titan as a setting itself