ReValver Live

Alien Connections (Shareware)

ReValver Live is an editable guitar amp and effects stimulator. This is an affordable program for Windows systems that is primarily designed to capture the vacuum tube sound. This program models amps with lots of detail which fits the needs of many musicians. It has more than 15 programmable features per tube stage which can all be modified and adjusted. All these can also be set up with a graphical interface.

One of the most significant features of this utility is that it is editable. Some of the features of ReValver Live designed by Alien Connections are the following:
• A total of 27 model reverbs, effects, compressors, and stomp boxes
• Around 21 speaker cabinet emulations with adjustable configurations
• Has emulations for nine types of amplifiers including the Fender Bassman, JCM900 and VoxAC30
• Allows for adjustment of amplifier valves
• Pre-set tones are available

ReValver Live can be used with any computer hardware with best results seen in systems with the more powerful CPUs. This guitar effects stimulator is systems-intensive program that is capable of producing great sound and consistently good tone as well. EQ adjustments can be made so that the sound that comes out suits the requirements of the guitar player.