Retrospect, Inc (Shareware)

Retrospect is a file backup and recovery suite originally manufactured by Dantz Development Corporation and currently being developed by Retrospect, Inc. The recovery package effectively restores data lost due to theft, user errors, hardware loss, damage, and upgrades, and errors arising from newly-installed applications. This program suits allows users to set up scheduled backups in their computers to protect important files in the event of data corruption.

The most common variants of Retrospect have tools and features that support backup operations for local and remote disk drives, removable media, and networks. Among its features are the following:

• Disk space optimization – this application maximizes disk space by automatically fixing or removing outdated files from the disk where the backup files are stored.
• Automation of backup operations – the program is able to automatically detect computers that have previously been offline during backup operations and proceeds to back up the files immediately.
• Live Restores – this feature protects the computer from the effects of file corruption and viruses by reverting the computer to a previous, error-free state
• Support for backup media – this program has support for multiple types of backup media, such as cloud storage, cloud storage by WebDAV, tape drives, flash, and network-attached storage.