Retouch Pilot 3.5.3

Two Pilots (Shareware)

Retouch Pilot is an image manipulation application developed by Two Pilots. It was first released on September 1, 2005. The program is specifically designed for retouching images. It can be used for removing technical imperfections from images such as spots from dusts, scratches, hair, and the like.

The program is also capable of enhancing the background outdoor scene of an image. This is done by removing needless objects from the image’s background. The program also offers the “Smart Patch” feature allowing users to copy the smart pack from one area of the image to another area. All unnecessary images can be retouched or enhanced as well. Aside from this, Retouch Pilot can also be used to change proportions or forms of the image. Its Elastic Tool can be used for these. Aside from retouching images, the application is also capable of restoring old photos. It offers tools to remove all the detected defects caused by long-term storage of the images. These include scratches, fixer stains, and even worn spots.

Retouch Pilot features an intuitive yet straightforward interface. All of the important tools and functions are organized in the program’s tool palette. At first launch, the application also offers tips and short tutorials to guide users in utilizing the software.